Sixth Meeting — 2017-12-04

STUCO 6th Meeting Minutes (12/4/2017)


  1. Call to Order (Daniel Garcia, President)
  2. Opening Prayer (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Andreas Giannitsopoulos was not present for prayer
  3. Discussion with Mr. Dominguez (Aaron Dominguez, STH Principal)
    1. Wanted to ask STUCO four questions regarding STH
      1. What’s the most important thing you want to preserve at STH? – Friday prayer; brotherhood; energy; Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge; academic standards; Fall Olympics; Catholic identity
      2. What key issues are we facing? – More students; image has been tarnished; STUCO participation is down; Senior Class spirit faltering; after school event attendance is low
      3. What can we do to be one of the best high schools in the country? – Advertise Round-Up more; create new organizations like the Eagle Scout Club; more AP classes offered for Underclassmen; rank students so they become more competitive
      4. What do you guys want from a principal? – Tough; fair; understanding; approachable; friendly; good at communication
  1. Roll Call (Adam Rinaldi, Secretary)
    1. One person had an unexcused absence: Creighton Ward
  2. Next Meeting/Adjournment (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. This was the last STUCO meeting of the semester