First Meeting — 2017-08-14

STUCO 1st Meeting Minutes (8/14/2017)


  1. Call to Order (Daniel Garcia, President)
  2. Opening Prayer (Andreas Giannitsopoulos, Sergeant-At-Arms)
  3. Roll Call (Adam Rinaldi, Secretary)
    1. Two people have an unexcused absence: Jack Green and Haden Ritchie
  4. Passing of Gavel (Mr. Joe O’Brien, Moderator)
    1. Daniel officially becomes the STUCO President
  5. Introduction of 2017-2018 STUCO Board (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Daniel reveals his nominees for his Executive Cabinet
    2. Includes: Adam Rinaldi (S), Kenneth Dang (PT), Andreas Giannitsopoulos (SA), Jack Green (T), Tristan Fauntleroy (HC), Nicolas Brito (SR), Barrett Gregory (PR), and Joseph Hassell (WM)
  6. Approval of New Board (Michael Banks, Vice-President)
    1. Each nominee is approved by a majority of council
  7. Expectations and Goals (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Make this year a year of excellence, but ultimately have fun!
  8. Committee Assignments and upcoming dates (Tristan Fauntleroy, Head of Committees)
    1. Orientation Dance (8/25/17): Nicholas Chandler (CC), Thomas Sage, Grant McCoy, and Grayson Drinkard
      1. Meet with OB on Aug. 16th and Aug. 17th
    2. Fish Week (8/28/17-9/1/17): Trevor Sides (CC), Noah Kotlarek, and Peter Chauvel
      1. Meet with OB on Aug. 16th and Aug. 17th
    3. Strake Week (9/5-8/17): George Fisher (CC), Haden Ritchie, and Ben Huggins
      1. Meet with OB on Aug. 23rd and Aug. 18th
    4. Club Fair (9/6/17): Michael Banks (CC), Joseph Chavez, and Jean-Paul Nguyen
      1. Meet with OB on Aug. 22nd and Aug. 25th
    5. Walk-a-thon (9/21/17): Paco Narro (CC), Kellin McGowan, and Juan Vasquez
      1. Meet with OB Aug. 24th and Aug. 31st
    6. Homecoming: PJ Rzasnicki (CC), Jack Evans, and Gabriel Lenz
    7. Lunch Activities: Nathan Bryant (CC), Kyle Rzasnicki, and Christopher Ezeude
    8. Pius Week: TBA
    9. Powderpuff game: TBA
  9. Senior t-shirts and privileges (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Design for Strake shirts is complete
    2. No complete design yet for Senior shirts
  10. StuCo Shirts & Pictures (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Got awesome StuCo shirts!!!
    2. Nash took photos of StuCo in the courtyard
      1. Photos will be posted on StuCo website soon
  11. New Business (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Daniel proposed eventually amending the StuCo Constitution
    2. Adam Rinaldi, Barrett Gregory, and Joseph Hassell will get together soon to receive information over the StuCo website and update it as needed
  12. Next Meeting (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Our next meeting will be on Monday, August 21st after school in Turner Hall
  13.  Adjournment (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Good work today!