Second Meeting — 2017-08-22

STUCO 2nd Meeting Minutes (8/22/2017)


  1. Call to Order (Michael Banks, Vice President)
  2. Opening Prayer (Andreas Giannitsopoulos, Sergeant-At-Arms)
  3. Roll Call (Adam Rinaldi, Secretary)
    1. One person has an unexcused absence: Barrett Gregory
  4. Parliamentary Procedure (Kenneth Dang, Parliamentarian)
    1. Explained how to make a motion, second a motion, and vote properly
  5. Fish Week Committee (Trevor Sides)
    1. Seniors get to dress down all week (walking shorts, STH shirts, and tennis shoes)
    2. Monday – Senior class meeting to discuss rules and expectations for the week / Freshmen class meeting about fish week and they will have brought $15 to purchase their beanies and receive class shirts
    3. Tuesday – Senior/Fish lunch (burgers, hotdogs, chips, soda)
    4. Wednesday – Dress up day with costume contest during lunch and possibly music in courtyard
    5. Thursday – Pie eating and apple bobbing during lunch
    6. Friday – All students may wear nice walking shorts, STH shirt, and tennis shoes (seniors may wear Hawaiian shirts) / Egg toss or water balloon toss with ice cream for seniors and freshmen during lunch
    7. $500 and OB takes care of the rest
  6. Orientation Dance Committee (Nicholas Chandler)
    1. Black light theme
    2. $2,000 budget
  7. Club Fair Committee (Michael Banks, Vice President)
    1. Takes place on Tuesday, September 5th
    2. Meet today after school with OB
    3. Doesn’t need a budget
  8. Strake Week/Shirts Committee (George Fisher)
    1. T-shirt design is ready and will be sold in school and at games
    2. Music in halls
    3. Tuesday – Can wear a red STH shirt
    4. Wednesday – Hawaiian shirts and pants
    5. Thursday and Friday – STH shirt and shorts / doughnut eating contest (send a representative from each class to compete)
    6. $3,000 budget
  9. Start-of-year Newsletter (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Section in The Eagle reserved for STUCO
  10. Website Introduction (Joseph Hassell, Webmaster)
    1. Hopes for better communication
    2. Wants to make it easier for people to see events that are coming up
    3. Still needs STUCO website information
  11. New Business (Open Floor)
    1. Possible collaboration with Duchesne involving “candy grams”
  12. Next Meeting/Adjournment (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Next meeting is Wednesday, September 6th