Fourth Meeting — 2017-10-16

STUCO 4th Meeting Minutes (10/16/2017)


  1. Call to Order (Daniel Garcia, President)
  2. Opening Prayer (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Andreas Giannitsopoulos was not present for prayer
  3. Roll Call (Adam Rinaldi, Secretary)
    1. Two people had unexcused absences: Joseph Hassell and Gabriel Lenz
  4. Financial Report (P.J. Rzasnicki)
    1. STH STUCO has $17,386 to spend on future events
  5. Parliamentary Procedure (Kenneth Dang, Parliamentarian)
    1. Referenced First Amendment: “All Student Council sponsored events will be treated as Student Council meetings, hence calling for the participation of all council members, and rules regarding meeting absences will be applied and upheld per the constitution”
    2. Adam Rinaldi asked Kenneth Dang to mention this because many class representatives are either close to or are violating the STUCO Constitution
  6. HOCO Committee Report (P.J. Rzasnicki)
    1. Made $18,200 and only spent $4,650 for a profit of around $13,550
    2. Was “pretty good”
  7. Club Fair Committee Plans (Michael Banks, Vice President)
    1. If the Club Fair will be held in Cemo, then it will happen sometime after November 4
    2. Possibly in Courtyard?
    3. Bigger and better than ever (still planning with OB)
  8. Pius Week Committee Plans (Francisco Narro)
    1. October 25th?
    2. Dunk contest in Courtyard?
    3. Shirts and design need to be discussed still
  9. Newsletter and/or EBN Segment Update (Barrett Gregory, Public Relations)
    1. Prefers an EBN segment to help spread the word over STUCO events
    2. Doesn’t know what to say though
  10. New Business (Open Floor)
    1. Thanksgiving Food Drive will be week of Nov. 8 -15 and delivery will take place on the following 16th and 17th
    2. Movie on the Field is undecided, but need to charge for something
    3. Red Ribbon Week – possible collaboration with Choices Club
    4. These three events are led by all Senior Representatives
    5. Need 2 Representatives handle girls on campus for lunch
    6. Check if you are close to or currently violating the STUCO Constitution
  11. Next Meeting / Adjournment (Daniel Garcia, President)