Third Meeting — 2017-09-25

STUCO 3rd Meeting Minutes (9/25/2017)

  1. Call to Order (Daniel Garcia, President)
  2. Opening Prayer (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Andreas Giannitsopoulos was not present for opening prayer)
  3. Roll Call (Adam Rinaldi, Secretary)
    1. Seven people had an unexcused absence: Tristan Fauntleroy, Peter Chauvel, Jack Evans, Haden Ritchie, Joseph Chavez, Ben Huggins, Chris Ezeude, and Thomas Sage
  4. Parliamentary Procedure (Kenneth Dang, Parliamentarian)
    1. Members of the Executive Cabinet (excluding President and Vice President) are not voting members of the council and may not introduce motions
  5. Orientation Dance Committee Report (Nicholas Chandler)
    1. It was a success!
    2. $3,800 profit
    3. Sophomore Representatives that did not attend: Chris Ezeude, Kyle Rzasnicki, and Thomas Sage
  6. Determine HOCO Committee (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Black light/glow-in-the-dark/space theme
    2. Requested $5,000
    3. Possible Snapchat filter for HOCO?
    4. Committee consists of P.J. Rzasnicki, Jack Evans, and Gabriel Lenz
    5. Start advertising!
  7. Determine Pius Week Committee (Daniel Garcia)
    1. Committee consists of Paco and friends
    2. Possible dunk contests
  8. Club Fair Committee Plans (Michael Banks, Vice President)
    1. Bigger and better than ever
    2. On a Tuesday or Wednesday
    3. Refer to new club calendar
    4. Make sure to schedule Cemo
    5. Will take place after HOCO (when we have more money)
  9. Start-of-year Newsletter (Barrett Gregory, Public Relations)
    1. Start a quarterly newsletter
    2. Barrett can do a STUCO segment on EBN from time to time
  10. Website Information (Joseph Hassell, Webmaster)
    1. Joseph has control of the beast
    2. Needs pictures from Mr. Nash
    3. Possible headshots?
  11. New Business (Open Floor)
    1. No new business was announced because the bell rang
  12. Next Meeting/Adjournment (Daniel Garcia, President)
    1. Next meeting TBA